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Meet Kamran. As a sports enthusiast, he developed a passion for rugby, and was praised by teachers and peers for his leadership and caring personality. Now a fourth year medical student at NYU, Kamran is fueled by commitment to diversity, innovation and professional development.

Lately, Kamran’s excitement of becoming a doctor has been overpowered by the volume and speed of the materials presented to him. He has become helpless and fearful at the impossibility of managing it all.

Luckily, Kamran’s girlfriend encouraged him to put his studies to good use and develop a perspective on his stress. As a team they began to analyze the outside factors that could be adding to his anxious demeanor, and at the top of that list was clutter.



Issue #1 : No Space To Stow
The lack of leeway between walls and the room's odd architectural structure made it impossible to stow away belongings in designated areas.
 Issue #2 : Beyond The Breaking Point
With an overly packed schedule, incessant emails, and a three hundred page thesis on the horizon, Kamran desired a simple and more organized life.
Issue #3 : No Room To Grow
As a student, Kamran didn't have the means to knock down walls. He wanted to to maximize his spatial experience rather than add floor space.

He Was Ready To Take His Space Back. 


In his 300 sq.ft. studio apartment, there was only so much room for his growing collection of textbooks, binders, and medical equipment. There was also very little closet space for his new wardrobe which included dress slacks, button-down shirts, cheerful ties and bright white lab coats. Kamran was paying an astronomical amount of rent, yet he was spending the majority of his time locked away in the library where there was less clutter and more space to work.

While flipping through his psychology textbook, Kamran was reminded of the direct correlation between how organized we keep our living spaces and what’s going on inside our minds. Make no mistake about it, his course load was heavy, but at that moment he realized he could be doing better. After all, decluttering our physical environments increases our likelihood of succeeding in manifesting our dreams, right?

With some research, he came across transFORM, and with back-to-back classes and a night shift on the way, he was pleasantly surprised to see that the company offered texting as a customer channel option. The response time was great. The staff was friendly. The designers were accommodating, and just like that, an appointment was scheduled.

At his complimentary consultation, Kamran’s designer noted every detail that could maximize the storage and style of his home. After just an hour of collaborating, they had a highly functional solution for the apartment’s unique architectural features. Kamran was ready to begin the process. He was ready to take his space back.


Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 12.39.38 PM.png


a Closer Look At This Projects Iconic Features 
This multifunctional unit was made with Desert Oak and Dusk Frake Shinnoki as well as Red Port High Gloss and Black Leather accents. 
A twin-size horizontal wall bed fits perfectly within the room's wide walls and low ceiling while providing easy access to the overhead cabinets. 
Large wardrobe cabinets deliver sufficient amount of elevation for extra storage, allowing you to conveniently organize your items based on size. 
A dual-purpose desk doubles as a modern sideboard and functional working space with square-shaped hinges and drop-down doors for a smooth operation.
Concealed levelers and telescoping hardware grants you the power to effortlessly convert the sideboard into an extendable table with slam-free closing.
Black leather handles add a touch of sophistication, while LED lighting makes this custom storage unit more unique and more accommodating. 


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