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 A selection intended to inspire and perform in equal measures. 


The things we surround ourselves with are a reflection of who we are, what we feel, what we desire and what we want to feel. Why not get the best for yourself?


How our interiors look, how the furniture is designed, and what it’s like to run your fingers over their surfaces, shapes and lines all coalesce to influence our experience of and our experiences in our spaces. A single piece of an interior’s design can change the room’s aesthetic and will compel you to feel and think differently than you did before. transFORM makes that one new contribution to your home that will inspire the contemplation, confidence or comfort you want your spaces to provide. We strive to show our customers the value of quality and innovation through globally-influenced materials. 





Our world class materials are a result of sophisticated research and development, as well as an artisanal and industrial vision that focuses on both detail and high-tech innovation. Our collection is comprised of many different counties. For example, our popular Shinnoki Wood is sourced from Belgium and exemplifies that modern aesthetic found in European furniture. A tribute to the cutting edge, Shinnoki possesses all the timeless aspects of wood, both visually and to the touch, in a contemporary color palette. Shinnoki has wood’s warmth, style, authenticity and sense of home. Each panel is sustainably produced with a process developed by expert woodworkers. 


manhattan-entertainment-center-1.jpgGlossy Laminates provide a vocabulary of color that visually speaks to you as you travel through your space. Pops of orange and modern design push the envelope, resulting in a high-impact design that shines. Imported from Australia, these trendy materials are integral in creating a signature style. Both easy to maintain and enduringly chic, they introduce a new way of living and experiencing contemporary spaces. Glossy-laminates highlight the different edges on each piece of cabinetry and produce a look that is striking and entirely new.





Picking colors and finishes is an essential part of the design process.Finishes, with their texture and tones, excite our senses of sight and touch. The finishes we choose functions like artwork to influence our moods, call up memories or shape our thoughts of the future we want to create. This is the playing field of interior design. This is why we offer over 80 finishes and unlimited options for stains and paints that can be used in infinite combinations. You can have that specific look you are striving for. You can have the ideal configuration of texture, color and tone to turn your vision into your home. 

Finishes Graphic.jpg

Wood grains look freshly sanded and newly hewn for us to stain and paint. We offer custom staining for cherry, maple, oak, walnut and mahogany to produce the look of classic furniture and mid-century masterpieces. We also offer custom painting to provide bright, colorful pops and pleasing neutrals to complement classic interior architecture from colonials to craftsmen homes. 

Finishes are available in wild variety. They come in faux weathered wood like the white washed siding on a New England coastal home or time tested wide planks reclaimed from a century old Vermont barn. Some finishes exude energy like our high gloss colors that are reminiscent of a modern italian hotel. Our metallics speak to the industrial style and shimmer of the mid-century modern. We even provide moody leathers that exude power and experience, that speak to the gotham gothicist.

Find the finishes that define you. Select your personal combinations of color, texture, style and mood. Your dream project is waiting, get started today.



From rustic and cozy little bronze knobs to modern chrome bar handles and decorative hardware, transFORM has tons of options from around the world.




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