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transFORM is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality eco-friendly wood products in the industry.

We are passionate about preserving the environment and incorporate that mission into our operations and our products. Through these efforts, we conserve energy, minimize our carbon footprint and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Toxicity and pollution are prevented from entering the environment every day through transFORM’s responsible conduct and sourcing of materials.

transFORM’s products are designed, engineered and manufactured in New Rochelle, NY and installed locally in the New York City metropolitan area. We work not only to enhance the interiors of residences, but also to preserve the natural beauty that surrounds our neighbors and us for future generations.





All of transFORM’s wood products have chain-of-custody certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The Forest Stewardship Council is an independent non-profit organization with a diverse membership representing environmental, business and social interests globally. FSC is the only recognized standard setting organization for responsible forest management. FSC is also the only recognized wood certification agency that is approved by the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System.

  • The particleboard used by transFORM complies with Phase II of the CARB act, the most stringent regulations currently in place in the USA. CARB is the California Air Resource Board and the second phase became effective on January 1st, 2011, limiting maximum formaldehyde emissions to 0.09 ppm (parts per million).

  • The panels transFORM uses have been granted Eco-Certified Composite Grademark Program (ECC) Certification by the Composite Panel Association, demonstrating an exemplary commitment to the sustainable use of wood fiber and to environmental stewardship.

  • 100% of transFORM’s particleboard is made from recycled and recovered wood fibers. This means that the wood fibers used come from post-industrial waste streams recovered from wood mills that manufacture lumber for other products or from trees already harvested for other uses.

  • Re-using wood fibers in particleboard to create recycled products helps reduce the need for new raw materials and the amount of wood fibers sent to landfills or incinerators.

  • transFORM offers bamboo products. Bamboo is eco-friendly because new growth matures in approximately 3 to 5 years, up to 10 times faster than hardwoods. Some species of bamboo can grow over 2 ft in 24 hours. This reduces deforestation by increasing the productivity of existing tree farms. Bamboo replenishes soil so it can be used to recuperate fallow and depleted land. Bamboo is resilient and naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal so it requires little or no pesticides during maturation. Bamboo absorbs more carbon dioxide and produces more oxygen than most plants, naturally reducing carbon. It is a sustainable and biodegradable product that is mostly organically grown.

  • transFORM products are available in water-based finishes. Water based finishes are less toxic and reduce health risks associated with lacquers and wood finishes. They also have a smaller environmental impact than solvent-based products when discarded.

  • The woods used in transFORM designs are only sourced in North America. transFORM’s products are then designed, engineered and manufactured in New Rochelle, NY and installed locally in the New York City metropolitan area. These factors help transFORM to maintain a small carbon footprint by minimizing the distance our products travel from the source through their transformation and into our customer’s homes.





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