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By: It's me, G. 7/7/2018
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Highly, highly recommend. We used TransFORM for all 7 closets in our apartment, had a great experience through design and installation(!), and three months later still love everything about what we got. Like California Closets and Container Store/ elfa, these are modular units, but TransFORM has lots of great and unique material options for different looks and feels, and our designer (Jude) was so helpful and responsive to all of our customization requests as we worked through our ideas that we really ended up with exactly what we wanted. Word of advice for no matter who you choose for your closets: measure, re-measure and then measure again. Especially after you have your first set of detailed plans. It's always OK to make changes before anything gets cut!Re pricing, we only got rough estimates before contracting but thought like-for-like, TransFORM was comparable to California Closets and the Container Store's TCS Closets. (That's in terms of product. In terms of service, we can't compare but thought TransFORM was outstanding beginning to end.) Good luck!

By: Jennifer B. 10/7/2017
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Janie was fantastic at both planning our closets but also at asking us the right questions so together we figured out how to best solve our storage situation. Pricing was good and quality was way higher then California closet. Go to each showroom and you can see the difference. Installation was on time and perfect. I highly recommend. They did a master closet and a hall closet for us. Thank you Janie for your excellent service!!

By: Ashley K. 5/10/2017
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So pleased with our wonderful closets. We had two reach-in and one walk-in closet designed and are thrilled with the results. Our space easily increased by 3-4x from the thoughtful design. The closets are also beautiful. We really appreciate the incredible work done by Jude to design fantastic closets for our new home.

By: Tyrone B. 4/25/2017
This review can also be read on: Yelp.com

We are very happy with our closets. The design team was great--they worked quickly and did a terrific job of listening to what we wanted rather than trying to tell us what they wanted to give us. The installation work was efficient and done very well. Transform offers really good value for the money.

By: Karen M. 10/26/2016
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transFORM did a wonderful job with our custom closet. Rozalia is great to work with and very flexible and willing to create whatever vision you have. I plan on hiring them again for more projects in the future. I would definitely recommend them.

By: Meredith B. 10/17/2016
This review can also be read on: Yelp.com

I am about to use Transform for my 3rd project. Love them! The first project was a master walk-in closet which Nancy from Transform helped design. She figured out the perfect way to fit it in to my already existing room and helped me find a contractor to build it out. She was very scientific about the layout and looked at how much hanging space we already had and I showed her all the stuff that wouldn't fit so she worked her closet math and figured out how much hanging and shelf space we would need and then figured out how to fit it all in the space we had. Although it looked like a small walk in closet, the layout allowed us to maximize the space. Also, it looked like it had been there forever (in my 1923 home). We moved this year into a home that had converted a small bedroom in to the master closet and to our surprise, although it looked three times as big as our old closet, the layout was so poor it wouldn't hold half our stuff! I had Nancy help me modify it and once again she worked her magic and everything fits! After we fixed the closet I had her design a mudroom area. The mudroom is in an awkward space in the house with an angled wall but Nancy's design has made it work and she has added customized drawer fronts and other custom features. It will not just look like any other mud room! I can't wait for it to be installed!

By: Abie G. 9/28/2016
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When it comes to the construction business, on any level, people typically have a rough time of it regarding costumer service. However, transFORM is an exception to the rule. They are hands on from the beginning of your project until the very end which also includes follow up. A pleasure to deal with. A+++

By: Leakat H. 8/30/2016
This review can also be read on: Yelp.com

Hi guys, my name is Lee and transform finished four of my closets today and it looks amazing. All the extra space and the quality of the materials and craftsmanship cannot be beaten. Much better than California closets. My designer's name is Tomer, and anyone that lives in the NYC area and wants to do their closets call transform and ask for Tomer. He knows his stuff. Everything form start to finish was pleasant. I have no complaints about this company and their workers. I will recommend them to family and friends.

By: Dana W. 8/6/2016
This review can also be read on: Yelp.com

I love my transFORMED closets. My apartment has a harmony and calmness that are directly linked to my immaculately constructed closets. Jude Nicastro from transFORM was professional, very smart, kind and attentive to detail.I truly felt like he created a work of art, a space I enjoy seeing and showing to friends (all of whom immediately ask for Jude/transFORM's contact info.) If you want that closet of your dreams, call transFORM (and ask for Jude.)

By: Terry G. 6/16/2015
This review can also be read on: Yelp.com

Julia, at transFORM, has designed several projects for me over the past few years. The latest one was the most ambitious--a full wall closet/storage unit and a coordinating home office. 

Julia's a pleasure to work with--a very talented (and patient) designer. She put a lot of time into the project, really listened to my needs and thought through every ergonomic and spatial detail. 

The installation also went quite smoothly. If there was a glitch or problem, transFORM bent over backwards to quickly correct it. Every person connected with the company--from Julia to the closet installers to the factory manager to the showroom personnel was friendly, professional and easy to work with. And transFORM apparently guarantees their work forever.

I definitely recommend the company. (The only improvement I'd suggest is a better hardware selection.)  Although they weren't inexpensive, I appreciate their work every day--it's really improved life in a NY apartment.

By: Ryan F. 8/21/2012
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transFORM provides free design consultation, custom cut-to-order closets, and bundled installation, all at a reasonable price. Having had two of my closets recently updated with transFORM solutions, I would highly recommend them to others looking for the same.

I was at the Sliding Door Co. office next door, as my initial plan was to only replace my bi-fold doors with sliding alternatives (I was going to do the closet interiors myself). I stopped into the transFORM office and, impressed with their samples on the floor, I asked for a free design consultation.

Enter Grazyna, an extremely talented designer for transFORM, with over 20 years of experience. She visited my apartment three separate times, providing updated sketches based on my feedback. She insisted on the repeat visits until I was COMPLETELY satisfied with the closets. Grazyna had some great ideas for storing my oversize skis and my Dyson vacuum without sacrificing valuable storage space.

After signing off on her sketches, I arranged for a reasonably-priced “teat-out” where they remove all the existing shelving and doors. If you can, I suggest you spackle and paint yourself, as transFORM wanted over $500 for my two closets for that leg of the project. I scheduled the aforementioned tear-out and the new shelving installation a week apart to allow time to do the spackle/paint, which itself is easy to do, but there’s a lot of down-time, waiting for the coats to dry. A week later, they came in to install the new closets. Two installers came and worked perfectly in tandem, finishing the job to perfection within three hours.

I’d be remiss to not compliment the office staff – Greg, who called prior to both tear-out and installation to confirm, and Angel, supervisor to the installation crews. Angel was quick to send his guys back to my apartment twice when I noticed some uneven areas that needed to be better concealed. Since I have plaster walls and my floor was off-level by almost 1/2 inch, this was no fault of the installers, but again, Angel was insistent on getting me the right additional parts to better conceal some small gaps where the closet system met my existing bamboo flooring. Rosalia was extremely helpful in the 5th avenue showroom and was happy to review the initial design sketches Grazyna provided me, offering some other ideas/opinions.

Overall, from start to finish, I feel the staff were very professional, and above all, the product speaks for itself. My system was pretty simple in the whole scheme of things but it came out just the way I wanted, at a reasonable price. I would recommend to others looking for a better-quality step up from an Elfa, ClosetMaid, or FreedomRail system.

By: Janine F. 4/29/2010
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I saw an ad for this company in the back of New York magazine and decided to call them, after we had a California Closet consultant come in (she was nice) and decided to visit the California Closet showroom in TriBeCa (the person there was not so nice – there were certain materials her showroom didn’t have available, and she told us to call another show room to see if they had them. No! You call the other showroom – it’s not the customer’s job to do the work to make the sale). We also had a consultant from Closet Factory come to look at our space and were less than impressed; she expressed little interest in finding out what our needs were, but gave us a design, and price quote, in 20 minutes. We were looking for a custom design that met our needs- she was looking for a client who wouldn’t take up too much of her time and would settle for a one-size-fits-all solution. When you’re paying for custom, you don’t want to feel like you’re being sold something off the rack.

Daphna, the transFORM closet designer, came on a Saturday afternoon, looked at our closet and immediately sat down to sketch what she thought would work for us. She spent an hour and a half with us, was engaging and asked us a lot of questions about what we wanted and how we used our space. Mister peppered her with questions and Daphna graciously answered every one, measuring and drawing our ideal closet on-site. We received a finished sketch from Daphna within days and told her we wanted to visit the transFORM showroom to look at the closet components closely before deciding.

We visited the showroom one sunny Saturday to check out our options and take notes. The only negative aspect to our transFORM experience occurred in the showroom when another staffer found out we were already working with Daphna. This other staffer finished with a client and told us she’d be right back, that she had to put money in her parking meter. We waited for a bit until she returned and started asking us questions. I told her Daphna had come to visit us and she replied, “why didn’t you tell me???” I asked when could I have told her since she ran out of the showroom before we had a chance to talk to her. “Well, I can’t help you”, she answered and dismissed us.

This would be a 5 star review, save for the showroom staffer’s behavior. We’re transFORM clients and who our sales person is shouldn’t matter- I was surprised at her roughness and her dismissal of us and our questions.

Daphna returned to our apartment to finalize some details and confirm measurements. In total she probably spent 4-5 hours with us. And, since her background is architecture, she has a real knack for 3D space design and was able to explain how her design would work for us.

We had our closet installed earlier this week by Sonson and his colleague- they were here by 9:00 am and finished by 12:30 pm, brought their own drop cloths, tools and vacuum and were very polite and professional.


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